When All Seems Lost

I’ve finished reading a book by Boris Pasternak titled Doctor Zhivago, not that easy to read and understand unless you have some knowledge of Russian history and an understanding of the multiple names the characters have; for instance the protagonist goes by Zhivago, as well as Yuri Andreievich and Yurochka. There is a list of the names of the various characters preceding Part One of the story but it is still confusing remembering who is who throughout the 500 page book.

The first thing that impressed me was the description throughout, and secondly, the hardship of the people, the divisiveness of the warring factions: the Whites, the Reds and the Partisans, the struggle for freedom and the desire for control of the opposing forces. I am not fond of most writing that uses a great deal of description but the author uses it so well to reveal feelings and landscape by this poetic and poignant means.

The story of human suffering, including hunger, lack of fuel and transportation, the beauty of the landscape and the ruination of a former once glorious, prosperous era is told through the eyes of a sincere man aware of his own personal guilt in loving two women and his ongoing desire to write about himself and his beloved country.

While reading this story, the fate of our own glorious country was undeniably brought to mind and the warnings of its founders ever before me. Founded on faith, may we keep both faith and freedom.

Reminds me of a warning issued by many before the winter of the pandemic that it would be a long, dark, cold winter ahead reminiscent of that in this book. And here we go again due to possible shortages of fuel, food and every other necessity..

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