Kool Aid is No Joke!

Remember the drink some of our mothers gave us as kids? We guzzled it down on hot summer days and ingested gallons of the sugar filled, artificially colored liquid, with various other ‘nefarious’ ingredients.

Unfortunately the ‘Kool Aid Drinkers’ I am writing about here are ingesting a much more detrimental substance and they, while buying organic foods, reading labels, avoiding at all costs that comparably innocent Kool Aid of our childhood days, are ingesting ideas thrust upon them over and over until lies become good and true.

It is no joke and I for one am not laughing. Well, maybe once in a while, when our fearless leader claims that wind is more reliable than coal or that the high price of gas & heating oil is due to the war in the Ukraine when our own country has enough natural resources to save ourselves and all of Europe from freezing and starving this ‘cold, dark winter’ but we will be doomed if we use them.

Or sadly the worst lie of all that the child a woman is carrying is not a person but a part of her body which she has a perfect right to rip out and throw away or even use for experimental reasons to save millions of victims through ‘preventive vacines’ or perhaps use a liver or kidney to save a life.

And do you really think all that happened since January 2020 is the result of what is visible? Or what, instead, is hidden in a great lie yet to see the light of day.

Sorry, I have to leave you now to add some logs to my fireplace and drink some hot coffee!

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