About the March for Life

Since 1973 when Roe V. Wade legalized abortion in the United States, pro-lifers gathered in Washington DC to protest that Supreme Court Decision close to its anniversary of January 22. It was during the term of Pres. H.W.Bush I first attended the Right to Life March in our nation’s capital in 1989. With one or two exceptions due to weather or illness I marched every year up to and including 2009 a few days after President Obama’s fist term began. After that I watched the March on EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network), throughout the day.

Each time the day arrived and I was unable to March in DC I felt extremely disappointed. I missed getting up by 4:30 am, packing a few snacks and driving ten or so miles to board a bus. We made one quick stop on the way, prayed the Rosary together, had a sandwich and soda included in the price of the trip before reaching our destination shortly before noon. Some people slept a while during the trip. Most of us talked. Everyone felt a calling to be there either from a life experience or circumstance or like myself an overwhelming realization this evil is as bad as it gets and needs to be recognized for what it is and made right again.

Over the years a major change occurred in the composition of the crowd and a most significant one at that: the overwhelming number of young people. I certainly noted the change from 1989 to 2009 and in watching EWTN after that. One thing remained pretty much the same and that was the extremely scant coverage by the mainstream media except for the 2020 March. It was the first time ever in all the 47 years the President of the United States spoke from the stage in person. The media coverage ensued and the size of the crowd revealed itself visually.

This year although a small segment of the number of supporters marched, the inspiring event lent an even greater impact at least on me. More somber, even more prayerful and I would say more determined considering the turn of events due to January 6th and the rescinding of laws put in place by President Trump. The pro-life movement in my opinion will eventually be the most unifying force as the numbers continually increase and truth shows itself in the sweet face of the child and the endearing face of our elderly.

Smoke And Mirrors: Continued

The phrase smoke and mirrors refers to a particular method of magic first used in 1770 by the magician, Georg Schropter who claimed he conjured up spirits. It is an illusion brought about by a “projector, the beam of which reflects off a mirror into a smoke which in turn scatters the beam to create an image”. In other words the audience sees an image floating in mid-air. The smoke draws attention away from what is really happening

That brings us to the unbelievable event of January 6th 2021. Why was the Congress convened? It was the meeting of the electoral college to confirm the electors, as well as, hear objections to their confirmation. Much preparation by numerous members of congress, lawyers, and citizens to object and call for an examination of various documents of evidence indicating that an investigation of fraud had occurred in the November presidential election. As everyone knows the proceedings began as usual but were interrupted by a number of bad actors.

There are numerous unanswered questions as to who instigated this both farcical and horrific invasion. Horrific, because people died by violent acts; farcical because the whole affair was marked by ineptitude and unexplained takeover of a top security building by a few armed, and let’s face it, unusual characters who were allowed to lounge around in the chamber of our Congress. The videos showed a number of normal looking people being ushered in through a flimsy barricade by basically one welcoming policeman directing them as they calmly walked toward the main entrance. There was lots of smoke and crazies climbing up the walls unhindered. Uncharacteristic of the million or so outside and totally packing the area.

The real story that day lay with those outside and some of those inside, who came to challenge the electors. However, conveniently, they were ignored, as were the projector and the mirror, hidden by the disruption and sadly the violence. Shortly after our congressmen returned, the Speaker carried out her mission and the majority of the original objectors declined to speak. The few that did are now being banned by the mainstream media. The peaceful protesters were herded away.

The illusion using smoke and mirrors successfully portrayed as an insurrection incited by a leader who told the main crowd to peacefully march up to the Capitol. This is just the illusion needed to totally remove the freedom of speech, at least from the mainstream media.

Our wonderful country is divided now. Let’s wait and see if the next four years brings us together, when the smoke clears and truth is revealed!

Smoke and Mirrors

There is something about the truth that cannot remain locked in a person’s heart; it needs to see ‘the light of day’. I suppose this is how I see it because of where I grew up and live my life. It has to do with the freedoms ingrained in us, citizens of the USA; for instance the freedom to speak the truth and deny the untruths. Therefore, in order to maintain my own peace of soul, knowing not everyone will agree, I see a great injustice has come to pass. It is simple yet complicated. It is about hundreds of thousands of people ignored because of a couple of hundred who completely took away their right to speak their truth this January 6th. They represented the millions in this country who believe the sanctity of our election was violated.

If you look closely at the footage of the protest, not the ones on the steps and inside the Capitol, you will see the vast numbers attending were families and all ages, not really mostly over fifty as one reporter remarked. They were orderly but enthusiastic. They held signs stating something had been stolen from them. They chanted USA, still cherished by at least half the country. They are the patriots who came because they love our constitution, our rights, our ideals. Many prayed and sang as they waited to march to the Capitol. They had a leader and with him they were called the angry mob. That expression in reality also identifies all (including myself) who agree with those who came that day to peacefully protest, who were completely hidden by the smoke and mirrors, the mayhem, committed by the few still mostly unidentified mobsters.

Perhaps you think differently and are as passionate about what is in your heart. Instead of burying these ideas should we instead express our view without anger and listen to one another seeking truth. As for me I have more to say and God willing plan to continue in my next post.

The injustice was that we the people were once again ignored by the smoke and mirrors that took place.

What’s in a Name?

The name Jesus means God saves in Hebrew. It was given to His Mother by the angel Gabriel at the annunciation. There are also many names identifying Jesus, including one from the Canticle of Zechariah. Mary was already three months pregnant when she visited him and his wife to help her cousin during the birth of John the Baptist. After the child was born Zechariah prophesied about his son: “And you, child, will be called prophet of the most high, for you will go before the Lord to prepare his ways, to give his people knowledge of salvation through the forgiveness of sins, because of the tender mercy of our God by which the daybreak from on high will visit us.” Luke 1:76-78

This designation for the son of God, Daybreak from on High, became the name of the novel that grew out of it like the shoot of Jesse finally arrived in the world as promised by Our Father in heaven. This came about by His tender mercy and that is the reality I hoped to convey in this work of fiction.