The Little Lady Bug

She was the smallest one of all
It seemed Josie looked up at everyone
Her sisters and brothers and Mommy.
And way up at Daddy, way, way up.

The thing she most loved to do was build.  
With legos, stix, blocks of all sizes 
Even Lawrence's mini-legos-- once.
Because she was sooo little
Josie tried to build very high towers, 
As she stood on wobbly chairs 
Until she toppled over one time.  

She was tired of being small.
Even her bunny was growing faster than she.

Once she built a wooden block tower 
With grandpa's help, but Mommy called
And they both left to have a snack.

When she came back, she yelled,
“Lawrence you pushed my building over!”
He yelled back, “Not me!”

She cried and Mommy scolded Lawrence
But when she finally stopped crying, Grandpa helped her again.
This time it was twice as tall and steady too.
“Don't dare touch it!” she yelled.
But no one heard her. They'd all gone outside.
She and grandpa went out to join them.
No one would ruin it now.  No one was there, especially not her brother.

“Oh no!  No, no no! Not again!”
She screamed, when she came in and saw the crumpled building.

A Lady Bug landed on her wrist
Looked up at her,  took a breath and blew.
The scattered blocks flew everywhere.
That tiny bug did it.  

Her angel whispered, 
“Now you’ve finally found someone smaller than you!”

Name Your Angel Childrens' Books	

The Itsy Bitsy Elephant

Gemma loved doing somersaults
She never seemed to tire
 No one ever beat her

She did them everywhere
In the living room
The bedroom and kitchen
And the best place, the backyard 

One day she asked
“Can I go outside to play?”
“If you stay where Miss Shirley can watch you.  
But not too many somersaults!”

She tried but failed
And did tooooo many.
Then laid on her back
And closed her eyes to rest.

Suddenly something bounced off her stomach
She blinked and saw it__ 
An itsy bitsy elephant
White with gold sparkles

Doing somersaults
A hundred thousand times
And standing on it's tail.  
Then on it's trunk it gave a powerful thrust
And flew out of sight!

The itsy, bitsy elephant had beaten her.

Her angel whispered in her ear,
“The elephant escaped from Miss Shirley's collection.”    
Gemma answered, “It always was my favorite.”

Name Your Angel Children’s Books

The Yellow Bird

        Gianna loved to sing and swing
	So every day after lunch
	She said to mom
	“I'm going out to play.”

	Her sisters wouldn't join her.
	They'd rather watch Peppa Pig
	On u-tube.

	She wished they'd come
	Yet it was good to be alone
	--Sometimes-- but not always.

	Today she wanted company
	But went out by herself 
	Feeling just a little sad.

	She ran across the yard
	Almost flying 
	As if carried by the wind
	And landed on the swing
	'Gigi' propelled herself so high 
	The sky almost came to meet her.
	She sang a song she made up
	About a little yellow bird.
	As she sang, the tiniest bird
	Circled 'round her

	She kept singing and swinging
	And the bird flew round and round
	And never left

	And every time after that
	When she went out to play alone 
	She had a friend
        Who loved to sing and swing and fly
	Reminding her of the angel
	Mommy said would always
	Keep her company.
					11/10/16 	Name Your Angel Children's Books


Name your Angel

From the archives of my unpublished writings this is the one and only series of picture books for young children. Three poems from this series will follow shortly.


One day many years ago I read somewhere that if you think, without hesitation and ask; “What is your name, Guardian Angel? And it just comes out of thin air; that is indeed your angel’s name. When I asked the question, not dwelling on any names or really trying to hear the name at all, the name came to me. “Rudolph”.

I asked, “What?”

“Rudolph!” I heard it again.

When Jesus visited the earth He was preaching to the people and said, “See that you despise not one of these little ones; for I tell you that in heaven their angels always behold the face of my Father who is in heaven.” Matthew 18:10.

Now you might ask,”If the angels are always there before God, how can each guardian angel be here on earth guarding their given child?”

We can try to reason this out with our human understanding and perhaps some theologians have come up with an answer; however, in answer to this question we can ask a question: How can we understand the mind of God?

We are all children of God. These stories are meant for children of all ages. In the stories I accept that my grandchildren have their angel with them, as well as, with God in heaven. Angels are spirit and not often visible; yet they are real beings.

Young children have a wonderful gift of imagination and love unbelievable things can happen. We should ponder a quote from G.K. Chesterton: ‘Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly’. Be lighthearted in reading these stories to little ones so you may fly with them.

Next up Poem: The Yellow Bird

Another Springtime

The full bloom of a lone dogwood keeps me company this spring morning. If I could retain it in its present form, I would. But then perhaps would the treasure fade? So better it should lose its petals only to return another spring.

As the Son of God was stripped of life one springtime long ago, He shall indeed return to bloom forever in another. And would that we be there and keep Him company in that unending season.

You may want to check out my post from May 17, 2020: Ascension of Jesus

Billions – Millions – Trillions

We’ve been hearing a lot about trillions of dollars being distributed by our government to a great number of people, places, and things,, some of which seem removed from our lives but deemed worthy by? whom. I googled “How many billions is a trillion?” and received an interesting answer on a www. Since my blogging has been vacant for some weeks now, due to a blank space in that part of my brain, I will share what i found with you here.

I million is 1000’s 1000 or 1,000,000. If 1 million pennies was stacked up on your desk or anywhere else, it would be 1 mile high. If given to each United States resident or citizen (which is not specified by the site), each would receive i/2 of one cent.

1 billion is 1000 million or 1,000,000,000. The stack would be 870 miles high and each person would get $3.33

! trillion is 1000 billion or 1, The stack would be 870,000 miles high and each person would get $3000.

This may be trivia but far from trivial. It is interesting that this particular website/ blog was a site for information on the college admission exams; ACT, SAT, etc. Perhaps they anticipate a sharp rise in education costs. I imagine the printing presses are in full swing in our treasury department. It is miraculous a country in huge debt can just print and spend so generously!!!