As Plain as the Nose on your Face

It is evil, so much of it is just that. There is a verse in the bible that states Satan is the father of lies and it seems they cover up what daily stares us in the face. Each morning at this point in my life I am thankful to be able to stand on my feet, do daily chores, and enjoy the simple things in life as well as the glorious which right now, in this season, includes the autumn leaves.

Are things really as good as they say.: inflation dropping, wind mills and solar panels free energy & plenty of it, global organizations looking after us, the common people, free food, free money,etc etc…. Do we want free or freedom? Free to choose to kill our own children at full term, to choose our sex: male, female, animal, vegetable, xyz, or all of the above?

In talking with a friend of mine recently I realized she had no idea as to the extent our society has plunged into the depths of insanity. For instance transgender surgeries she claimed are necessary & rare, abortion is up to the ‘mother’, and a saying we’ve heard from someone you might recall: Who am I to judge?

We are just pilgrims in this world on our way to eternity or would we rather go on a trip to Mars and live confined in a space suit or bubble? We are living in a time where good is bad and bad is good and freedom is meant only for those intelligent and wealthy enough to deserve it. For myself, seeing the evil, I choose to endeavor to believe good will triumph and life is worth the fight for the remedy, which is TRUTH!

So look past your nose and see the glorious colors of the season and fight the good fight daily.