Plan of Life: Reflection

Years ago due to a difficult time in my life, I found my way to a lay group called Disciples of Jesus and Mary. The focus was to determine one’s plan of life and followed the program of a Catholic priest from India, Father Santan Pinto. There were tapes and books to use as Guides along with a local leader who became a good friend. Each of us was to write a letter to Fr Pinto concerning what we had determined was our plan of life. It was quite involved and I struggled with the task. I did my best and sent it.

But I was uncertain if I really knew what this plan was for me. One night I lay awake and thought about the letter and finally asked, Dear God tell me: What is your plan for my life? We had a clock radio back then and I awoke the very next morning to the voice of a minister on a Christian station saying: This is my plan for you: that you should be sanctified. It came to me that God would be the one to show me how this would happen and I felt at peace with my own efforts imperfect as they were.

Looking back I now see how all along there was a plan through events, people, trials, good things etc. Somewhere in the Gospels Jesus told his disciples: now you know in part but then you will know everything. In short, his plan for each of us is to become a saint through living our unique life and keeping our faith in Him.