“A rose by any other name…”

OOPS!! Fact check by your devoted blogger: Melania did not name the White House Rose Garden after Pope John Paul 11 just added a John Paul 11 rose by that name. I should have empathy for the people responsible for the bogus news that our present First Lady actually had historic cherry trees cut down as well as removing historic roses from past administrations the latest of which was done by Jacqueline Kennedy. Actually fact check tells us that the trees were dug up and were crab apple trees that would be planted elsewhere in the Rose Garden because they had grown to a size giving too much shade for the sun loving roses.

Sorry, I realize we don’t really need any more untruths in internet postings. Will be more careful in the future. I apologize to my Polish friends and be assured of my devotion to our beloved Saint.

Writer Unblocked by Rotund Author & Melania

Perhaps the two or three avid fans of my blog have noticed the absence of posts these past few weeks. Nothing inspired me although much is happening in the world we live in. I sat staring at the blank page day after day. Perhaps this glorious day in the seventies, sunny with low humidity, opened a door to more than one happy moment of creative joy. That is my reason for writing two blogs on this last day of August.

As my husband and I listened to the news this morning, a number of excerpts from last night’s RNC convention were rolling over the air waves of our radio which only has one station that comes in without static. We were eating breakfast as my husband shot back comments to the BBC commentators as they in their calm British way refuted any positive input on the convention. I munched along until I heard the name, Melania, and put some emphasis in my wifely command, “Be quiet!!”

She gave her speech in the White House rose garden. And I admit listening to her lovely voice my mind wondered thinking of what she wore and how I’d look her up on you-tube as I dutifully shushed my mate several times during the comments, one depicting her speech as ‘presidential’ in a reasoned but derogatory way, of course as only the British can. As they finished with the First Lady, I ran to the computer and found the news I sought. No picture of her in the first article about her overseeing the renovation of the White House Rose Garden, but it grabbed my attention none-the-less. Melania added a new rose named for Pope John Paul 11 to commemorate his visit there in the 1970’s. ***

I read on and never did see her on you-tube. I was shocked (and delighted) she blatantly (and beautifully, I thought) combined both politics and religion. Chesterton would love it!

*** Note correction that the rose garden itself was not named after the saint but a rose. This is also mentioned in the next post. ooops!!

G. K. Chesterton: Politics & Religion

If you want to win friends ‘never discuss politics or religion’. This reminds me of a story about G.K. Chesterton. When he was applying to a newspaper in London as a columnist, he was told to write about anything except politics and religion. From what I surmise he did not reply to the employer; however, he said as it turned out he wrote about nothing but politics and religion. And yet he kept his job for many years.

He was a particular genius in that he was able to intelligently discuss such matters with a large dose of humor and his trademark ‘common sense’, as well as, that elusive thing called truth. He, at the same time, endeared himself to a number of atheists of his day along with a particular Catholic priest (said to be his inspiration for the Fr. Brown mystery series) . After a number years he converted to Catholicism and in turn his writings were responsible for the conversion of an unknown number to the Church of Rome.

If you read about him whether you agree with his politics or religion or not, this giant of a man, both in body and soul, cannot fail to steal your heart as he has mine.

When the Master Returns

Luke 17: 20 ”The kingdom of God is in the midst of you.”
24 “…For as the lightening flashes from one end of the sky to the other, 
so will the son of man be in his day.”

When the Light Comes

Just nodding off a piercing brightness intrudes
Sound of a million choirs reverberate the eardrums
Roses of another world fall to precede the Holy One
Their scent is delicate and all enticing.

Trumpets sound pure in pitch and clear in note
They announce the Master’s return to His beloved.
All is revealed in the twinkling of an eye
And all former knowledge pales when the light comes.