Getting Our Ducks in a Row

I read somewhere that not believing in God is insanity. I googled to find where and by whom it was said but failed to find the answer. It is evident that there is an ongoing effort to remove our Creator from the culture, whereas, freedom to perform satanic rituals is being defended. We are familiar with the efforts of Madalyn Murray O’Hair for her efforts, including removal of the Lord’s Prayer and Bible reading in public schools. She went on with her fight against religion for the rest of her life advocating to remove In God we trust from our currency, tax exceptions for churches, etc, etc.

Interesting one of her sons became a Baptist and wrote a book in opposition to his mother’s atheism. She truly believed there was no God and in that way Madalyn was more honest than what we are witnessing today in our leaders. So tell me now: are we not plummeted with the insane?? It does appear daunting yet we are still Americans and our founders were successful in founding a country, One nation, under God! Take heart and believe for with faith, hope and love all things are possible. That’s what my time of prayer on a recent beautiful spring day revealed to me.

O glorious morning bliss, do shield me from a world of woe. Reflection of the light that leads me forth with grace given to my wounded soul. Remain amid the dark and dreary days to strengthen, guide and give an everlasting joy. No matter should men pierce and slay the peacefulness You share. Forget me not, O Lord, and bring to bear, the totality of love beyond compare. O lead me in thy ways, O Lamb, as everlasting light shall never dim.

Take the time to get all your ducks in a row. Pray!

Sitting Ducks

After 9/11/2001 most of us here in the USA realized our vulnerability. Perhaps years of peace at home contributed to a general complacency that we were removed from attack by outside forces; lulling us into a kind of la la land where all was secure and our own pursuits were focus enough. Thousands perished as we watched the TV; just three planes destroyed what we assumed was indestructible. We were actually ‘sitting ducks’.

Like the Israelites of old we turned back to our Creator and nationwide church pews were filled, our country’s flag flew in place of seasonal decorative ones with turkeys and summer flowers, etc. In my own experience I remember an abundance Old Glory wherever I went, our country parish reached near capacity, religious prayer services were broadcast from Madison Square Garden.

It seemed a country founded on faith and fortitude had returned. I often think if the terrorists had attacked soon after 911, although tragic, we may have preserved ‘a nation of the people, for the people and by the people’. All that we cherish is indeed under attack today. Our enemy dwells among us and I often feel like a ‘sitting duck’. Ironically it increased my desire to seek otherworldly help. Sitting on my deck amid the glories of springtime, I prayed and wrote a poem I’ll share with you in my next post.