Hero / Saint

The recent epidemic in China brought a flood of news about the fear of the population; fear of contracting the disease through contact with people who exhibit symptoms of the Corona virus. In some areas people are confined within the their towns and cities. Those aboard ships are being prohibited from going ashore. Face masks, disinfectants are in short supply.

My husband related the story of one Chinese man who decided to confront his fears and use his car for transporting those exhibiting symptoms of the virus to hospitals. He used face masks at first  and when they ran out he used his coat for protection. The report was broadcast on the radio.

When disaster strikes, heroes come forth and saints are made. Don’t know if this hero was Christian but he is certainly  living what Jesus declares: “Greater love has no man than this, that he would lay down his life for his friends.”  We may never hear what becomes of this person; perhaps he is a saint among saints unknown.

Speaking Up: Both Sides Now

As the second term of President G.W. Bush was about to end, he declared the last Sunday before the new president took office the National Sanctity of Life Day as he did in every year of his presidency.  Then on January 24, 2009 President Barack Obama took office. On January 27 we journeyed to the March for life as usual and were greeted with the news that our new president rescinded the Mexico City Policy of President Bush, thus allowing funding abortion overseas with American tax dollars.

Remnants of the inauguration of the first black (or person of color) president in the history of our country remained. Unfortunately we did not celebrate his victory that year or in the eight years of his presidency in light of his views and actions regarding abortion. With more zeal than ever crowds marched and numbers increased. The walk was shortened and we had to wait longer to begin the walk after the speeches. However, determination and enthusiasm along with great numbers of young marchers buoyed our spirits. Dedicated pro-life congress members rallied as usual speaking up for life.

I will never forget a Baptist minister accompanied by some folks of his congregation. He gave a powerful speech rebuking the new president for his pro abortion platform. They were members of the same race as our president. But race had nothing to do with abortion except as this minister stated, the numbers of their children aborted being far above the percentage of whites.

As always the March was peaceful and prayerful. People from across the country united. As we proceeded to exit the event walking down to Union Station to board our bus, a rotund policeman with dark skin complimented our group. I managed to attended several Marches during  President Obama’s term.

Eight years later I was not able to tolerate the trip to DC when President Trump was in office. But I watched as Vice President Pence spoke at the rally along with Kelly Ann. We once again had a pro-life president. and pro-lifers everywhere rejoiced when President Trump himself spoke this year in typical ‘Trump style’, forceful and direct’. The amazing thing was he looked out on the crowd and saw a generation of young people who survived Roe V Wade and hoped to see both sides– during and after the legalization of abortion in our country.

]Please note: I have equal respect for all people and hope my words do not offend anyone. Also, my heart aches for women who have aborted a child. Many have come forward to reveal the grief they encountered having done so.}


Speaking Up: Second Add

In 1997 Bill Clinton had been president for four years and reelected for a second term in January. Just a few days later, the March for Life took place in DC. The most agregious act of his term occurred in April of 1996 when he vetoed the Partial-bIrth Abortion Ban allowing the brutal killing of babies up to birth by aspirating the brain and removing a child from its mother’s womb; scientifically whitewashed as dilation and extraction.

In contrast to the dark cloud hovering over the March in‘93 and ‘97 the mood of the March in 2001 brightened as President G.W. Bush spoke via satellite entreating the huge crowd as he cited the constitution ; … He concluded saying: Take heart, be strong, go forth. God bless you!

No one imagined in September of 2001 our president would be interrupted while reading to grade school children bringing news of an attack on our country with thousands killed as we watched the twin towers fall vertically to the ground like blocks a child tumbled. The Pentagon suffered 125 deaths in a second attack and a third plane thwarted and crashed through heroic action over Pennsylvania that, except for a few heroes, might have struck the area where we stood that January day in 2001. The grim fact devastated our nation with nearly 3000 dead, and 6000 injured. (More info may be accessed on Wikipedia.)

Devastating, yes. But a grain of sand as compared to the millions aborted and others injured, in many ways, by abortion.

Next up: 2009 and 2013

Speaking Up: first add

In 1973 my husband and I were working full time, building a house, and hoping for a child. Sadly, I have no recollection of the Supreme Court landmark decision allowing abortion in our country. In fact it wasn’t until our first child was born that I became involved in the pro-life cause at my church in the pro-life ministry. Friendships formed with like minded people and I expressed my views when the subject came up in conversation with people of opposing views and often those who seemed neutral. Back then partial birth abortion or infanticide were not even possibilities.

Although the first March for Life occurred in 1973 when the law was passed, I first attended during President H. W. Bush’s term in the late 1980’s. He was pro-life and as I remember sent messages to the marchers supporting the cause. Barbara Bush on the other hand had decided some years before that life begins with the first breath and ends with the last breath. This fact was revealed in a New York Times article easily accessed through a google search. (Worth reading if you are interested in her reasoning; written by Susan Page taken from her book: Barbara Bush and the Making of an American Dynasty.) I have a different view on abortion; however, I respect her struggle in arriving at that conclusion.

Our next President Bill Clinton although once campaigning for governor acknowledged the evils of abortion, declared in 1992 he wanted to make abortion safe legal and rare. He became president in January and shortly after I attended the March for Life in DC and it was announced that the new president rescinded the pro-life executive orders in favor of the pro-life cause. It was indeed a sad day for at least some of us. Remember that goal of President Clinton: safe, legal, and rare.

In the light of day in 2020 would anyone truthfully say this has a grain of truth in it?   Except of course, the legal.

Speaking Up

Yesterday hundreds of thousands walked from the Mall to the Supreme Court in Washington DC as I watched on EWTN streaming while comfortably sitting at my computer screen. For many years, not nearly all forty-seven, I was among the marchers. The past several years I could not make the trip which began at five am and ended somewhere around eleven pm, an exhausting yet exhilarating day.

Searching my cluttered memory vivid scenes of the various January marches whooshed through my mind and flooded over the banks of blogging, far too many words. Where to begin?

My convictions began before Roe V Wade, just when or why, I cannot say. My earliest memory that the issue of abortion was on my mind and planted in my heart was before 1973 in the late 1960’s. I worked in a hospital hematology lab and two fellow workers were discussing abortion. In hindsight I realize they had an idea of the possibility it would be legalized. These two women were strongly opposed; both were married and one could not have children.

(In my twenties at the time, my focus was work and social life, quite self centered. I had two brothers in Vietnam, the war they insisted was only a conflict. Still aside from that reality, my world was mostly ‘me’.)

Anyhow, back to the point. I joined in to their conversation and plainly and succinctly agreed with them that abortion killed a child and it was totally wrong and gravely offensive. The thing that surprised me was how surprised they were that I, ‘a fluff head’ young woman interested in ‘me’ most of the time could have such a strong conviction. In fact one of them said, “Wow, I never thought you would even know or care about this! You should really Speak Up more.” (Not her exact words but close.)

And some years later when I was married and had my first child, I did speak up, as well as, March for Life. I will continue to sort out memories in the following posts. My how I can go on…

Christmas Mystery

A few weeks ago while sitting in the doctors’s office I noticed a father walking around jiggling a tightly wrapped baby. He kept up the constant motion as the infant slept soundly. I asked how old the baby boy was; the father said two weeks. The only visible part of the child was his tiny face and black hair covering a doll like head. Actually he looked exactly like my son as a newborn. I couldn’t take my eyes away from the little guy. He seemed to be the main attraction for all of the people awaiting their turn to see the GP.

That brings us to Christmas and the mystery of the holy holiday celebrated for the past 2000 years plus. What is this fascination with a baby boy wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a feeding trough? The first visitors came from a local hillside near Bethlehem where eons ago a shepherd boy tended sheep before he became the king of Israel. They were told by angels appearing in all their heavenly glory that the Son of God was born and slept in a stable nearby.

The next visitors who came sometime later were intellectual scholars and astrologers. They studied prophesies of a star that would appear and lead them to a new King of Israel. This main attraction was revealed to the lowly shepherds in the hills of Bethlehem and the wealthy educated men from the far east; in other words to everyone.

As I looked at the baby cuddled in his father’s arms, I thought, God knew His own Son must come into the world just as every child to reveal Himself in flesh and blood, the embodiment of love.

The River Flows On: Connections

After hearing the hymn Shall We Gather at the River on Sunday I decided to google it on Monday. In reading about the hymn one article mentioned a part of it was used in a movie called Trip to Bountiful. Being an avid film buff I found the movie on my Amazon Prime and paid to watch it. Although I did not find that hymn (perhaps I just missed it somehow), another one Softly and Tenderly Jesus is Calling was sung repeatedly.

This led me to a daily meditation book by Sarah Young titled  Jesus Calling. The format of the book includes a short meditation and three scripture verses, one of which I will quote: I pray also that your eyes may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which He has called you…His incomparably great power for us who believe… Ephesians 1:18-20

In other words, what greater power is there than to be assured of gathering at the River of Life after death with those we love.

Note: I recommend watching the movie, Trip to Bountiful, with Geraldine Page. (also available on you-tube) and the book, Jesus Calling.