Christmas Mystery

A few weeks ago while sitting in the doctors’s office I noticed a father walking around jiggling a tightly wrapped baby. He kept up the constant motion as the infant slept soundly. I asked how old the baby boy was; the father said two weeks. The only visible part of the child was his tiny face and black hair covering a doll like head. Actually he looked exactly like my son as a newborn. I couldn’t take my eyes away from the little guy. He seemed to be the main attraction for all of the people awaiting their turn to see the GP.

That brings us to Christmas and the mystery of the holy holiday celebrated for the past 2000 years plus. What is this fascination with a baby boy wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a feeding trough? The first visitors came from a local hillside near Bethlehem where eons ago a shepherd boy tended sheep before he became the king of Israel. They were told by angels appearing in all their heavenly glory that the Son of God was born and slept in a stable nearby.

The next visitors who came sometime later were intellectual scholars and astrologers. They studied prophesies of a star that would appear and lead them to a new King of Israel. This main attraction was revealed to the lowly shepherds in the hills of Bethlehem and the wealthy educated men from the far east; in other words to everyone.

As I looked at the baby cuddled in his father’s arms, I thought, God knew His own Son must come into the world just as every child to reveal Himself in flesh and blood, the embodiment of love.