His Presence: poem

I looked for Him in the sunrise and in the glory of the night, the stars and moon, the canopy of lights. Still my soul searched on and would not be stilled, tossing in the hours before the dawn. And when I rose exhausted from the lack of rest, I looked again for Him and asked, “Where are you, Lord?”
I cried until the waters of my sorrows ceased, and none were left.  No more could I seek or cry or ask, and it was then in the stillness of my distress He whispered, “I am here inside your heart.”

1Kings 19: 11-13  “… the Lord was not in the wind…the Lord was not in the earthquake…the Lord was not in the fire…there was a tiny whispering sound…and Elijah hid his face in his cloak…”

New American Bible: St. Joseph Edition