Abortion; What is it?

Even before Roe V Wade existed, there was talk that abortions would become legal in our country, I felt strongly against that happening. After the Supreme Court decision in 1973 I became active in the pro-life cause: attending the March for Life, supporting pro-life groups assisting moms, writing letters to local newspapers.

When discussing the issue with someone supporting abortion rights she said something that truly bothered my conscience. She asked, “Have you ever even offered to take a woman into your home and care for her during an unplanned pregnancy”. My answer was no.

Years later I met someone who sought to keep her baby but the father was strongly opposed and threatened her. She was seeking a safe place where he could not reach her. There was help right across the street that sheltered women from abusive situations but she seemed to think they would not help her. The people she was speaking with gave her names of a pro-life organization that took in women trying to keep their babies till term but she said because of the threat her boyfriend posed they would not take her in. Her parents would not help her.

It seemed she had no where to turn and with some trepidation I offered her my name and phone number and she took it. I felt unsure and a bit afraid by her situation, but also moved to extend an invitation for shelter. She never called me and I hope she found a way to have her baby. In a way the person who asked me that questioned, struck a nerve in my heart.

I only wish today the up-side-down politicians who say they want healthcare for the moms through abortion would really understand in their hearts in several states it is legal to abort a baby up to and including nine months and this is really not health care but brutal slaying of a child. And the child from conception is a person not part of a mother’s body.

Yet in this up-side-down world, lies seem to have covered up the truth and made it seem supporting abortion the righteous path; whereas, it is truly the path that leads to destruction as it did with the Romans, Incas etc. I will quote once more (as I have several times in the past), from Mother Teresa: We must not be surprised when we hear of murders, killings, of wars, and of hatred… If a Mother can kill her own child, what is left for us but to kill each other.

Prophetic words!