Peace Through a Mother

Is there anything more lovable than a newborn baby? That is what we will be celebrating on December 25th. God knew that, and desired we would love His Son when He sent Him down to mankind. Most mothers and fathers recall the birth of a child with great love and also forgetfulness of the discomfort of pregnancy, the pain of delivery, the sleepless nights and worry.

Certainly, Mary and Joseph experienced the same. Why is it that today although the baby can be viewed at various stages of development, still some choose to abort even up to delivery. It is nothing new in human history, which corroborates the fact when this becomes accepted and common in a nation, even and especially in a great one, that country will fall into ruin.

It happened in Mexico when babies and adults were sacrificed to their ‘gods’ in great numbers by the natives. You cannot sacrifice one human being for another. It is not your choice to do that. But this has been happening in these United States since 1973. under the guise of freedom, certainly not the freedom of the baby who is a completely different person than the mother with his own/her own DNA. .

I truly believe our country, as we know it, will not survive unless this is abolished. It won’t matter if inflation, hunger, poverty, etc cease, There will be no peace. As Mother Theresa stated : The greatest destroyer of peace is abortion, because if a mother can kill her own child, what is left for me to kill you and you to kill me, there is nothing in between. And we call that WAR.

But love came to Mexico through Our lady of Guadalupe and the miracle of the roses and her Image on the Tilma (cloak) of a poor native convert to Christianity. She is the patroness of the Americas : our life, our sweetness and our hope. She is our Mother of Mercy. Millions were converted in Mexico at her coming and we pray that will reoccur here in our beloved country. Merry Christmas!

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