The Itsy Bitsy Elephant

Gemma loved doing somersaults
She never seemed to tire
 No one ever beat her

She did them everywhere
In the living room
The bedroom and kitchen
And the best place, the backyard 

One day she asked
“Can I go outside to play?”
“If you stay where Miss Shirley can watch you.  
But not too many somersaults!”

She tried but failed
And did tooooo many.
Then laid on her back
And closed her eyes to rest.

Suddenly something bounced off her stomach
She blinked and saw it__ 
An itsy bitsy elephant
White with gold sparkles

Doing somersaults
A hundred thousand times
And standing on it's tail.  
Then on it's trunk it gave a powerful thrust
And flew out of sight!

The itsy, bitsy elephant had beaten her.

Her angel whispered in her ear,
“The elephant escaped from Miss Shirley's collection.”    
Gemma answered, “It always was my favorite.”

Name Your Angel Children’s Books

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