The Yellow Bird

        Gianna loved to sing and swing
	So every day after lunch
	She said to mom
	“I'm going out to play.”

	Her sisters wouldn't join her.
	They'd rather watch Peppa Pig
	On u-tube.

	She wished they'd come
	Yet it was good to be alone
	--Sometimes-- but not always.

	Today she wanted company
	But went out by herself 
	Feeling just a little sad.

	She ran across the yard
	Almost flying 
	As if carried by the wind
	And landed on the swing
	'Gigi' propelled herself so high 
	The sky almost came to meet her.
	She sang a song she made up
	About a little yellow bird.
	As she sang, the tiniest bird
	Circled 'round her

	She kept singing and swinging
	And the bird flew round and round
	And never left

	And every time after that
	When she went out to play alone 
	She had a friend
        Who loved to sing and swing and fly
	Reminding her of the angel
	Mommy said would always
	Keep her company.
					11/10/16 	Name Your Angel Children's Books


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