The Little Lady Bug

She was the smallest one of all
It seemed Josie looked up at everyone
Her sisters and brothers and Mommy.
And way up at Daddy, way, way up.

The thing she most loved to do was build.  
With legos, stix, blocks of all sizes 
Even Lawrence's mini-legos-- once.
Because she was sooo little
Josie tried to build very high towers, 
As she stood on wobbly chairs 
Until she toppled over one time.  

She was tired of being small.
Even her bunny was growing faster than she.

Once she built a wooden block tower 
With grandpa's help, but Mommy called
And they both left to have a snack.

When she came back, she yelled,
“Lawrence you pushed my building over!”
He yelled back, “Not me!”

She cried and Mommy scolded Lawrence
But when she finally stopped crying, Grandpa helped her again.
This time it was twice as tall and steady too.
“Don't dare touch it!” she yelled.
But no one heard her. They'd all gone outside.
She and grandpa went out to join them.
No one would ruin it now.  No one was there, especially not her brother.

“Oh no!  No, no no! Not again!”
She screamed, when she came in and saw the crumpled building.

A Lady Bug landed on her wrist
Looked up at her,  took a breath and blew.
The scattered blocks flew everywhere.
That tiny bug did it.  

Her angel whispered, 
“Now you’ve finally found someone smaller than you!”

Name Your Angel Childrens' Books	

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