Wonderland vs Wonderful World

Ever think you’re living in an Alice In Wonderland world with Mad Hatters and men who are made of cards? I know the story makes sense as the author knew what it meant. It isn’t really for me to use it for comparing our world today.

But is there any way to compare the insanity surrounding me every day? I suppose Presidents Day which has consolidated two great Presidents, to make room for things like the Earth Day and others, I don’t wish to remember. Now what country is it that we live in? Although it took years in the making, I feel as if I went to bed one night in the United States of America and woke up in Wonderland wondering what happened..

I wonder when and if my country will be restored. God is removed from the public schools, women can choose to abort their own children up to birth in New Jersey and even after birth in New York. We have no border, no law, no justice. Yet there exists a struggle as old as humanity itself. It is one of domination vs. freedom. It is the soul of our country and the gift of these two men. Both fought against slavery, one from a country and the other slavery of a people: Both bore the chains of domination.

A blinding is taking place today and the focus is on the slavery President Lincoln fought instead of the slavery President Washington fought. I am convinced there is no such thing as different races. It is the human race that God made as He did all things. For in the sight of our One Lord Creator we are all equally loved; yet He the Almighty cannot embrace evil or domination. We do know we are wonderfully made and have freedom to decide for good or evil, freedom or domination, life or death.

It is a wonder we still hope for our wonderful country !

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