First Poem of 2022

This poem came in the the middle of a sleepless night filled with anxiety. To dispel the mood I stepped out onto the deck and was greeted by the darkness interspersed with the lights of multiple stars. This simple poem sprang from the joy of the sight of the night sky on January 3rd 2022.

On October 21st 2020 I posted a poem titled Autumn Morning. Since then I have not written a single poem until January 3rd of the New Year. Even if my poems may not be worthy of becoming known beyond my journal and perhaps this blog, they are, I believe, especially gifted to me. When considering periods when poems filled pages of my journal opposed to periods when they were absent, I noticed giving time to silence and seeking answers seemed to open the door to The mystery of some bit of truth Flowing from the mind of Truth itself To an unworthy poet… * (From the poem, The Gift by DJ Pasternak )

First Poem of 2022

How beautiful is the night!
Cold clear winter sky
Aglow in darkness   
Do we gaze upon a world beyond in awe
Silent serene awaiting souls
Thrust into the forever of beauty unknown 
A world of truth to behold 
Given as gold to those
Yet wanting to know what awaits
In the lighted heavens
Seeking arms to hold, to love
Creator Comforter 
  How beautiful is the night!

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