Smoke And Mirrors: Continued

The phrase smoke and mirrors refers to a particular method of magic first used in 1770 by the magician, Georg Schropter who claimed he conjured up spirits. It is an illusion brought about by a “projector, the beam of which reflects off a mirror into a smoke which in turn scatters the beam to create an image”. In other words the audience sees an image floating in mid-air. The smoke draws attention away from what is really happening

That brings us to the unbelievable event of January 6th 2021. Why was the Congress convened? It was the meeting of the electoral college to confirm the electors, as well as, hear objections to their confirmation. Much preparation by numerous members of congress, lawyers, and citizens to object and call for an examination of various documents of evidence indicating that an investigation of fraud had occurred in the November presidential election. As everyone knows the proceedings began as usual but were interrupted by a number of bad actors.

There are numerous unanswered questions as to who instigated this both farcical and horrific invasion. Horrific, because people died by violent acts; farcical because the whole affair was marked by ineptitude and unexplained takeover of a top security building by a few armed, and let’s face it, unusual characters who were allowed to lounge around in the chamber of our Congress. The videos showed a number of normal looking people being ushered in through a flimsy barricade by basically one welcoming policeman directing them as they calmly walked toward the main entrance. There was lots of smoke and crazies climbing up the walls unhindered. Uncharacteristic of the million or so outside and totally packing the area.

The real story that day lay with those outside and some of those inside, who came to challenge the electors. However, conveniently, they were ignored, as were the projector and the mirror, hidden by the disruption and sadly the violence. Shortly after our congressmen returned, the Speaker carried out her mission and the majority of the original objectors declined to speak. The few that did are now being banned by the mainstream media. The peaceful protesters were herded away.

The illusion using smoke and mirrors successfully portrayed as an insurrection incited by a leader who told the main crowd to peacefully march up to the Capitol. This is just the illusion needed to totally remove the freedom of speech, at least from the mainstream media.

Our wonderful country is divided now. Let’s wait and see if the next four years brings us together, when the smoke clears and truth is revealed!

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