Smoke and Mirrors

There is something about the truth that cannot remain locked in a person’s heart; it needs to see ‘the light of day’. I suppose this is how I see it because of where I grew up and live my life. It has to do with the freedoms ingrained in us, citizens of the USA; for instance the freedom to speak the truth and deny the untruths. Therefore, in order to maintain my own peace of soul, knowing not everyone will agree, I see a great injustice has come to pass. It is simple yet complicated. It is about hundreds of thousands of people ignored because of a couple of hundred who completely took away their right to speak their truth this January 6th. They represented the millions in this country who believe the sanctity of our election was violated.

If you look closely at the footage of the protest, not the ones on the steps and inside the Capitol, you will see the vast numbers attending were families and all ages, not really mostly over fifty as one reporter remarked. They were orderly but enthusiastic. They held signs stating something had been stolen from them. They chanted USA, still cherished by at least half the country. They are the patriots who came because they love our constitution, our rights, our ideals. Many prayed and sang as they waited to march to the Capitol. They had a leader and with him they were called the angry mob. That expression in reality also identifies all (including myself) who agree with those who came that day to peacefully protest, who were completely hidden by the smoke and mirrors, the mayhem, committed by the few still mostly unidentified mobsters.

Perhaps you think differently and are as passionate about what is in your heart. Instead of burying these ideas should we instead express our view without anger and listen to one another seeking truth. As for me I have more to say and God willing plan to continue in my next post.

The injustice was that we the people were once again ignored by the smoke and mirrors that took place.

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