Speaking Up: Both Sides Now

As the second term of President G.W. Bush was about to end, he declared the last Sunday before the new president took office the National Sanctity of Life Day as he did in every year of his presidency.  Then on January 24, 2009 President Barack Obama took office. On January 27 we journeyed to the March for life as usual and were greeted with the news that our new president rescinded the Mexico City Policy of President Bush, thus allowing funding abortion overseas with American tax dollars.

Remnants of the inauguration of the first black (or person of color) president in the history of our country remained. Unfortunately we did not celebrate his victory that year or in the eight years of his presidency in light of his views and actions regarding abortion. With more zeal than ever crowds marched and numbers increased. The walk was shortened and we had to wait longer to begin the walk after the speeches. However, determination and enthusiasm along with great numbers of young marchers buoyed our spirits. Dedicated pro-life congress members rallied as usual speaking up for life.

I will never forget a Baptist minister accompanied by some folks of his congregation. He gave a powerful speech rebuking the new president for his pro abortion platform. They were members of the same race as our president. But race had nothing to do with abortion except as this minister stated, the numbers of their children aborted being far above the percentage of whites.

As always the March was peaceful and prayerful. People from across the country united. As we proceeded to exit the event walking down to Union Station to board our bus, a rotund policeman with dark skin complimented our group. I managed to attended several Marches during  President Obama’s term.

Eight years later I was not able to tolerate the trip to DC when President Trump was in office. But I watched as Vice President Pence spoke at the rally along with Kelly Ann. We once again had a pro-life president. and pro-lifers everywhere rejoiced when President Trump himself spoke this year in typical ‘Trump style’, forceful and direct’. The amazing thing was he looked out on the crowd and saw a generation of young people who survived Roe V Wade and hoped to see both sides– during and after the legalization of abortion in our country.

]Please note: I have equal respect for all people and hope my words do not offend anyone. Also, my heart aches for women who have aborted a child. Many have come forward to reveal the grief they encountered having done so.}


4 thoughts on “Speaking Up: Both Sides Now”

  1. Often pro choice is mistaken as pro abortion. My personal opinion is abortion should not be used as birth control, but I don’t think the government should be able to tell a person what they can or cannot do with something so personal. There are so many extenuating circumstances. Birth control education and products are necessary in this country as well as others to prevent unwanted pregnancies and disease. No answer is perfect in any situation but my opinion will always remain the same for me.


    1. I realized a long time ago convincing someone is not for me to do. Our opinions come from a number of life experiences and reasoning. You are a very special person and I am thankful for the time we have shared together. The thing is, some convictions change as time goes on and some do not. I respect yours and appreciate your comment. I think the change I have seen in myself is a deep compassion for those who have gone down this road; it could have been me and I am thankful it wasn’t. God Bless you!


  2. Proud of you Mom ❤️ for using your gift of Life for speaking up for the gift of Life that God has given others! I guess if we could realize just how precious a gift Life is we wouldn’t even need birth control. There would just be birth. The Gift.


    1. You are the one who speaks up for life every day. There is no more powerful way of supporting pro life than living a life filled with love of family and extending that love to everyone you meet. God Bless! We are truly blessed!


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