Speaking Up: Second Add

In 1997 Bill Clinton had been president for four years and reelected for a second term in January. Just a few days later, the March for Life took place in DC. The most agregious act of his term occurred in April of 1996 when he vetoed the Partial-bIrth Abortion Ban allowing the brutal killing of babies up to birth by aspirating the brain and removing a child from its mother’s womb; scientifically whitewashed as dilation and extraction.

In contrast to the dark cloud hovering over the March in‘93 and ‘97 the mood of the March in 2001 brightened as President G.W. Bush spoke via satellite entreating the huge crowd as he cited the constitution ; … He concluded saying: Take heart, be strong, go forth. God bless you!

No one imagined in September of 2001 our president would be interrupted while reading to grade school children bringing news of an attack on our country with thousands killed as we watched the twin towers fall vertically to the ground like blocks a child tumbled. The Pentagon suffered 125 deaths in a second attack and a third plane thwarted and crashed through heroic action over Pennsylvania that, except for a few heroes, might have struck the area where we stood that January day in 2001. The grim fact devastated our nation with nearly 3000 dead, and 6000 injured. (More info may be accessed on Wikipedia.)

Devastating, yes. But a grain of sand as compared to the millions aborted and others injured, in many ways, by abortion.

Next up: 2009 and 2013

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