The Storm

Sometimes when a poem or scripture is referred to very often, we are numb to its meaning and truth. For me Psalm 23 was like that; so often read at funerals, I failed to reverence and reflect upon the words. Recently in times of loss and illness I revisited Psalm 23 with an open heart and realized the profound truth in this poem of David.

There is another familiar poem and painting, Footprints, that in the past I have passed by as commonplace. Yet, again one day I looked and saw how it reflects our journey here in this precious life we live and the Presence of the One whose children we are, in times of joy but also adversity. This poem is a reflection of the latter.

The Storm

The storm rages about us, around us
Sometimes we succumb to its terror
Shrinking, turning away from the light
Yet in the midst of its fury
We cry out to Him the author of life
And question: Why is it so?
In the misery of sickness, of sorrow
Of abandonment: He speaks
My child do you not have faith?
Have you forgotten the times
I saved you from ruin
When you cried out to Me:
Where are you as the waves engulf me?
He answers: Be still, my child!
And the seas calm as the storm ceases.

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