Our Lady of Windflowers

A dear friend of mine, who travels a great deal, happened upon a print of a  painting by Margaret Tarrant. She lived in England  and was a talented artist and illustrator,  never married and was a devoted Christian.  Margaret loved animals and nature as well as Christian themes and also fairies. The framed print I received had the word Windflowers on the very bottom of the picture. Whimsical and lovely in many ways, the painting of the Madonna and child had an air of freedom about it and touched my heart. The following poem is my second attempt to convey the image and meaning of the work of art.  The subject of this poem may be easily found on the internet.





There on the lap of Mary sits the One who holds our every hope
He looks upon creation at wonders great and small
The Babe with bluebird lightly held, wings spread as if to fly

He the Son of heaven sees each tiny flower growing in the meadow
And she adores her own dear Child from her seat upon a rock
Her mantle sheer and flowing blowing in the breeze

They look upon the windflowers and it seems a sadness looms
For as they bloom awhile and wither so shall we
Yet they recede and bloom again as we shall live anew
Just like tiny windflowers scattered on the earth

He bends to watch each blossom as He does for you and me
Then tilts His head toward the Lady dressed in blue
Who guides us as a Mother and loves us as her own
And holds us close to Jesus as we were meant to be.





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