The All Knowing God

Planning a party that will take place next month, I realized the innumerable aspects this involves: the details of timing, guest lists, possible glitches etc.With all the planning unexpected events occur and unforeseen obstacles come up. Such is the plight of our human condition. This brings me to the point of this post.

For the past two weeks while planning a party for friends and family, I was also allotting time for my novel Hadar’s Son and spent endless hours researching the book of Acts and related sources including books, Old and New Testament readings as well as on line articles. Yesterday morning I sat looking at the title of Chapter 29 The Council of Jerusalem and the blank page beneath. I had not written a single line for two weeks and still with all the knowledge I gathered, nothing came to me.

I gave it up and decided to go to EWTN Daily Mass readings which I often do in the morning. The first reading Acts 15 was titled The Jerusalem Council. My first thought was how did this happen? Was it by chance? But in my heart I knew it was a detail of God’s planning. But how could He have known the exact time and place I would be in my novel?

Then it came to me God can do all things. He planned the world. He knew me before I was in my mother’s womb. Does this mean God’s will prevails and overrides my own free will? I don’t think so. He may have sent the thought of reading the scripture but I could have ignored His prompting. I had already spent too long sitting at the computer. The good news is I went back to the chapter and wrote three pages.

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