Poem: No Fear

And why would you fear? Because to fear you must fear something. And what is it that you would fear? For what has greater strength than Him, Who guards you soul? For all the day He battles to save you from darkness; and His light blinds the enemy.

He holds you by a thread so strong, nothing can rip the cord. For the string of His love never fails, but holds tight in the midst of adversity. He allows slack for you to wander here & there. Yet He tightens the bond in His own way when you are in peril of being lost. Just as He was ever there in His own Son’s life

He is ever present to us, His cherished ones. He bathes our garments in the blood of trials. He crucifies our selfishness and pulls us up to Him. For the bond was always there.

November 13, 2003 DJ Pasternak

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