What About Biden?

What about our president? We see flags for and against him. On our road a few houses away there was one of those flags using a common word to you know what him. I stopped and asked who put it up, sadly I had never met this neighbor. His reaction was unexpected because he said, “I am sorry. I didn’t want to offend anyone. I’ll take it down.” A few days later it was gone.

Every time someone says something to the effect, Biden did this, Biden did that, he is ruining our country, I cringe. He does nothing, but say the words put into his mouth, sign the mandates set before him, hand out money, follow the polices, of evil misguided people who plan to save us from the rising oceans, the blazing sun, the crazy ideas that there is indeed a God.

The thing I cannot understand is why? We are all mortals and will not live here on this ‘dying’ planet forever no matter how many billions/trillions we have or how many degrees there are after our name.

There is a saying among commoners, uneducated folks like myself, about money: You can’t take it with you. But it seems it is being used as a means of power for a hidden plan to save us from ourselves. Pray for our president that somehow when he is no longer useful to those who pull the strings, he will turn to the One and only who is working to fulfill His plan, not one that is fleeting but eternal.

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