Pres. Reagan’s Evil Empire Speech

It was a beautiful morning; cooler and clearer than the past week; Sunday morning, when as usual we prepare to attend church, for us, Mass. As often happens a pop up from the American Greatness site entitled A Token of a Managerial Age Bewails Trump’s Surge, a political commentary by conservative Roger Kimball. I would suggest you look this up.

But my focus here is on his mention of a speech by Pres. Reagan on March 8, 1983 known as the Evil Empire Speech. I skimmed Kimball’s article and googled the speech. Major concerns at that time are echoed by those of today: ten long years of abortion and government funding for the procedure, prayer taken away from the public schools, parental rights, etc. The speech can be found on the Voices of Democracy The US Oratory Project given at a National Association of Evangelicals gathering.

Since the speech is ten pages in the print out and includes a great deal of information my best method of conveying his message here, is by way of quotes: those he used to illustrate his message and some from Reagan himself. They will be in my next blog, coming soon. Perhaps written on a Sunday morning to come.

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