Finding Hope In McDonald’s

On the way home from visiting friends in Maryland we were thankful to stop for late lunch at a McDonald’s. The table or actually tables next to us were taken up by a family with about ten young children including a baby, and their young parents. Mommy was sitting in the center distributing food. Daddy was going back & forth with ketchup, straws, napkins etc.

It wasn’t what you would call chaos but lively. In other words full of life. It made me think of our recent travels. A young man throwing a ball to his dog in the hallway of our motel. Dogs barking at night from somewhere in the motel. Huge dogs coming to lunch with their owners.

Seeing that family in Mickey Dee’s made me think. We hadn’t seen any children in the lovely hotels but many young couples with dogs. Nothing wrong with pets. In fact they are great and provide much happiness for people. But somehow in seeing that family, I saw hope; confidence that these parents had to bring many children into the world believing each of them would bring something the world needed. That something is love.

2 thoughts on “Finding Hope In McDonald’s”

  1. Great observation. And good that you saw the love in that family.
    I have a story that I think would be good for you blog. We need to talk.


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