Holy Thursday: Excerpt from Daybreak

We sat quietly for a moment before Josephus spoke.“We should probably be on our way to the Temple. I am glad for our gathering tonight. It should be a blessed, joyful Passover,” he said, taking his cloak off a hook and the lantern from a shelf.

There were many people walking from all directions, as we came near the gate of the Temple. Some of them led lambs they had purchased on the way, but most knew how strict the inspection of the animals was, and how few lambs would be found without blemish if purchased outside the courts. We knew the ways of the Temple authorities and realized there was nothing to do but buy our lamb on the premises.

After the purchase, we waited in line for our lamb to be inspected and slaughtered. Next, we stood in another line waiting for the meat to be roasted in one of the ovens on the Mount. After several hours holding the prepared meat, the signal came at sunset allowing everyone to be on their way. At last we joined the others leaving the Mount.

“Josephus, this stream of Jews carrying their lambs and holding lighted lanterns, reminds me of the procession we made toward the Temple on the Feast of Tabernacles. Passover brought freedom to our people and all our feast days remind us, the Lord was and is with us,” I said as we walked.

“And His Son is physically with us on this Passover,” Josephus said. “I’ve heard people talking, wondering if He will come to the Temple. Perhaps one of His followers is among us tonight carrying a roasted lamb for the Messiah’s Passover meal.”

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