A Mysterious Visitor

(You might enjoy reading posts from May 24, 2020 and May 25, 2920 in order to appreciate this post!)

About a week ago as I was sitting at my computer, I heard a series of noises different from any I had ever heard. It sounded something like a tapping, a distinct and solid pecking. The sound was a series of these, a pause and another round. My curiosity aroused I followed my ears toward the entrance of my home. What I found amazed, delighted, and puzzled me.

There, framed behind the two by eight foot window next to the front door was a strange creature who immediately called to mind another incident that took place more than twenty years before. This creature differed from his predecessor in his prowess, sleekness, size and, I thought, age. The most magnificent wild turkey was pecking on the glass as if a favored guest knocking on my door.

He seemed ancient and regal with a grayish look, smooth, glistening feathers covering his body. Quite the opposite of that rakish and bedraggled fellow who took up several months residence with us decades earlier. We endeavored to evict that determined turkey with no success and finally threw up our hands and named him ‘Tom Cruise’. His leaving was like that of the movie hero ET.

My mind ran wild : Could it be him returning to visit? How many years do wild turkeys live? How long would he stay_______forever? And remembering the trials with Tom Cruise I clapped my hands and yelled, “Shoo!” He looked at me through the glass and turned sauntering away. And I thought, “That was easy!”

But to tell the truth the vision excited me and made me think perhaps it was a small miracle and our first Tom was resurrected to make me see another side of reality which is the forever we all seek.

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