And a little child shall lead them. Isaiah 11:6

Many years ago when our fist grandson was barely three years old, he and I walked to the library just a couple of blocks away from his house. The crisp air, bright sunshine and blue sky perfectly fit the joy of walking with this dear child. Holloween decorations ranged from pumpkins and smiling Casper-like ghosts to ugly monsters and black shrouded witches, the usual scary dark trappings of the day soon to arrive. Little Matt was not the typical three year old and the makings of a philosopher were already implanted in his soul. This was evident to all those around him.

As I remember there were several teenagers dressed in black and smoking and spewing a few swear words. It was typical for that time; sadly oblivious of the hazards of nicotine or defying the norm, which in their all dressing the same, smoking and using bad language they were instead conforming to the group. My companion looked up at me and with a knowing expression said, “They are that way because they don’t know God.”

I could only think of the words of Jesus: “… out of the mouths of babes and nursing sucklings you have perfected praise…”. Matt. 11:6 As this now young man enters a world where many do not know God, I pray he will continue to see the simple truths and light the way for some of them.

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