G. K. Chesterton: Politics & Religion

If you want to win friends ‘never discuss politics or religion’. This reminds me of a story about G.K. Chesterton. When he was applying to a newspaper in London as a columnist, he was told to write about anything except politics and religion. From what I surmise he did not reply to the employer; however, he said as it turned out he wrote about nothing but politics and religion. And yet he kept his job for many years.

He was a particular genius in that he was able to intelligently discuss such matters with a large dose of humor and his trademark ‘common sense’, as well as, that elusive thing called truth. He, at the same time, endeared himself to a number of atheists of his day along with a particular Catholic priest (said to be his inspiration for the Fr. Brown mystery series) . After a number years he converted to Catholicism and in turn his writings were responsible for the conversion of an unknown number to the Church of Rome.

If you read about him whether you agree with his politics or religion or not, this giant of a man, both in body and soul, cannot fail to steal your heart as he has mine.

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