Tom Cruise: Meeting Up

We got up earlier than usual that morning. After my husband left for work and our daughter left for school, I went about my daily chores. When the meter man came to read the meter, I heard a lot of gobbling and feather flapping and the man yelling, “Go away. Shoo!” I opened the door and sure enough the turkey was standing his ground about to fly at the fellow. “Go on. Leave him alone. Go.” The turkey seemed to listen to me and again he disappeared around the corner of the house. The man seemed relieved and laughed out loud. “Look’s like you have a new pet protecting you. What happened to him?” “I don’t know. He showed up yesterday looking like this,” I told him.After the meter man left, things went on as usual. Around three I heard my daughter outside the door talking to someone. “Well don’t you think you are good- looking? I think I’ll call you Tom Cruise,” she said laughing. Opening the door I saw our newly named turkey looking at himself in the basement window next to our front door. “That’s so funny, Christine. He must think there’s another turkey in that window.” That night when Tom came home from work, I asked, “Did you see Tom Cruise outside?” “What?” he said looking a little bewildered until I explained how the turkey got the name. Tom Cruise remained with us that week and the next and a month went by and another. He kept guarding our door when anyone but our family came up the walk. I’d go out and rescue the intruder and so it went. Twice we asked our neighbor, Bob, to bring his dog, Wolf, over to chase Tom Cruise away, but each time the dauntless turkey returned.

Then one Saturday I implored my husband to take that turkey away. My Tom (TS) somehow lassoed him by the foot and got him into the back of his pickup truck. But Tom (TC) tried to fly with his foot caught. With his wings flapping and profuse gobbling, it appeared he was going to injure himself. That’s why Tom (TS) managed to untie Tom Cruise’s foot. Of course TC used the opportunity to jump/ fly out of the truck and escape deportation. After that we gave up. He was an annoyance but what could we do? We got used to waking up to our turkey gobbling and he never attacked or injured anyone. We’d just live and let live. Our daughter loved animals but her beloved house bunny, Wiggy, was her sole pet. Now she had an outdoor pet turkey.

Then one morning as the days were growing shorter and cooler we heard our now familiar early wake-up gobbling as we lay in bed. But suddenly we heard a whole lot of gobbling getting louder and reaching a peak. Soon the gobbling got softer and eventually faded into the distance. I looked at Tom (TS) and we both said, “Tom Cruise is gone.” And he was He was picked up by his own ’people’.

And I wondered. How did Tom Cruise fit into my story? Of course only God knew. But my own thoughts though incomplete were: Tom (TC) was a real annoyance while he was with us. Yet he had enviable perseverance sticking by us whatever we did to drive him away. We learned to love him or at least tolerate him. We missed him when he left. He gave us a family story to tell to future generations. And God must have looked upon the visitation of our guest, and laughed heartily!

The End

{This is a true story, Creative in the sense that dialog is of course not word for word. Also my own take on the event is my own. Each of the events happened as recorded here, on the whole, a touch of the divine in our lives. Hope this made you smile.}

2 thoughts on “Tom Cruise: Meeting Up”

  1. Had to share this. I do think God sent that turkey; Reminded me of ET. I remember a guest minister came to our church when I was a teenager & he noted scripture illustrating Hi heavenly sense of humor. Thanks for rea
    ding this.


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