Speaking Up

Yesterday hundreds of thousands walked from the Mall to the Supreme Court in Washington DC as I watched on EWTN streaming while comfortably sitting at my computer screen. For many years, not nearly all forty-seven, I was among the marchers. The past several years I could not make the trip which began at five am and ended somewhere around eleven pm, an exhausting yet exhilarating day.

Searching my cluttered memory vivid scenes of the various January marches whooshed through my mind and flooded over the banks of blogging, far too many words. Where to begin?

My convictions began before Roe V Wade, just when or why, I cannot say. My earliest memory that the issue of abortion was on my mind and planted in my heart was before 1973 in the late 1960’s. I worked in a hospital hematology lab and two fellow workers were discussing abortion. In hindsight I realize they had an idea of the possibility it would be legalized. These two women were strongly opposed; both were married and one could not have children.

(In my twenties at the time, my focus was work and social life, quite self centered. I had two brothers in Vietnam, the war they insisted was only a conflict. Still aside from that reality, my world was mostly ‘me’.)

Anyhow, back to the point. I joined in to their conversation and plainly and succinctly agreed with them that abortion killed a child and it was totally wrong and gravely offensive. The thing that surprised me was how surprised they were that I, ‘a fluff head’ young woman interested in ‘me’ most of the time could have such a strong conviction. In fact one of them said, “Wow, I never thought you would even know or care about this! You should really Speak Up more.” (Not her exact words but close.)

And some years later when I was married and had my first child, I did speak up, as well as, March for Life. I will continue to sort out memories in the following posts. My how I can go on…

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