Cooking for the Bishop: part 2

Ever agree to do something and have the feeling you may have you have ‘bitten off more than you can chew’, as my grandmother would say? That saying kept coming into my mind for the next two weeks as I planned the dinner. The next time Father talked with me he said it would be a simple meal and because he had just eaten with the Bishop it should be healthy, salmon and vegetables with maybe some fruit for dessert. I had a great recipe for salmon well tested in my kitchen.

The main thing he told me was to keep it low key with no commotion, just me in the rectory’s beautiful brand new kitchen, a quiet time for about six people including priests and one quite famous guest who frequented our church for Mass. I talked myself into being fine with that but sometimes felt a bit unsure of my ability. Charred food had sometimes filled our kitchen with the aroma of blackened cuisine. Several capable  women from our parish offered to help but because our priest wanted a relaxed and quiet atmosphere, I turned them down.

A day or so later I talked with Father after Mass and he said the menu should be altered; it  needn’t be quite so healthy and the Bishop preferred steak over fish.  In addition he asked if we could offer a choice of perhaps steak or chicken. and also could I make a side dish of pasta; the Bishop was Italian. I switched gears and called my friend the source of many recipes in my repertoire.  She said just pan fry it. Use sirloin two inches thick– simple. I turned to my friend, Google, and found the best recipe with balsamic vinegar, merlot wine and mushrooms sautéed in butter. My favorite poultry was baked Cornish hen, crispy with Rosemary, lemon, white wine, ginger, etc. Marinara sauce was my specialty. The first course would be Campari tomatoes, basil, and fresh mozzarella with vinaigrette dressing followed by salad and Italian bread. My friend and most trusted ally also mentioned a terrific desert: mango sherbet with fruit in a wine glass topped with sparkling prosecco wine; it’s also Italian–perfect and simple!

Much more to com. So much for adhering to the short blog!








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