Holy Thursday: from Daybreak

Jonathan celebrated the Passover with his dearest friends. Then walked back through the streets of Bethesda to his abode as he felt his wife’s presence though she had died some years earlier. His patio faces the Mount of Olives where unknown to him Yeshua would be seized in the Garden of Gethsemane that night.

After the fourth cup of ritual wine was poured and blessed, Josephus read from Exodus:Then I will take you as my people, and you shall know that I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the burdens of the Egyptians.” 

I joined my friends in singing the second half of the Hallal. I felt my wife’s presence, and it gave me a light heart. It was as if Sarai joined us and together with my friends, we were surrounded by the Divine Love of our God. I did not want the evening to end but finally departed from my friends leaving a night overflowing with prayer and comfort in celebration of the Seder.

The presence of my wife remained with me as I walked to my dwelling. Dark clouds had obscured any illumination from the moon and stars. The blackness of the night contrasted starkly with the warm light at the Passover supper. Thankfully, I had brought my lantern that shone just enough light for me to follow the streets to my dwelling. During the short walk, Sarai seemed present. Several times I reached out to hold her hand, but in vain.

When I came to the arbor of my outdoor area, something inside me refused to open the door. Once inside, I felt Sarai would leave and loneliness would overcome me. I sat down on a crate and placed the lantern on the stone table. Despite the wine and food I’d consumed, my mind seemed clear and alert.

I recounted times spent with her, from the first moment we were alone in my home when she dropped the pottery in the kitchen, and her attraction to me was revealed. Finally after some hours, I grew weary and rose to enter my dwelling.

Distant voices echoed through the Kidron Valley. Was it my imagination? I strained to hear them, but thought it might just be the wind. Entering the dwelling, I stumbled to my cot as the lantern ran out of oil. I fell into a deep sleep and awoke near dawn, but rolled over and fell asleep once more.

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