Wed. of holy Week: from Daybreak

“Sorry, we must leave,”Abraham said. “Marianne is returning to Bethany. She has been invited to the home of Simon the Leper for dinner tonight.”

“Yes, and I am anxious to attend because I believe Yeshua and some of His disciples will be among the guests,” she said. “Simon is no longer plagued with leprosy because Yeshua healed him some time ago.”

“Will you return for the Passover tomorrow evening, Marianne?” I asked.

“Abraham and his father will accompany me back to Jerusalem. We’ll observe the feast together with Adina, Ezra, and Josephus, and you also, Jonathan.”

“It is a blessed gift from God that I should be with all of you, my dearest friends, for this Holy Feast,” I said.

“We will bring news concerning the day the Messiah spent silent and absent from the Temple,” Abraham added.

In the evening I returned to my dwelling alone. Usually, my solitary life in this place had been a welcome respite from the life of a merchant, whose living wares were sold for their immolation. Tonight I felt lonely. I thought about the lambs that would be slaughtered tomorrow evening and about Yeshua and His death. How would He die? I knew I could not sleep yet and thought the night air might calm me.

Opening the door, I saw the clear sky and multitude of stars. A streak of light passed from above falling out of the heavens. In the stillness of the night I stood there looking up at a world I could not comprehend. Yeshua had come from such a world. He said He was the Son of God, yet He would soon die.

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