Tuesday of Holy Week: from Daybreak

My friends and I thought Yeshua had left the Temple after we saw him in the Court. The next day we heard all sorts of gossip about him. One of the pilgrims, who passed by as he left the Temple, had seen Yeshua in the Portico of Solomon. The man told me Yeshua was confronted by a number of scribes and pharisees who tried to trick him by asking all sorts of questions, but Yeshua handled them skillfully. 
Later Adina and Ezra told me they were in the Portico when Yeshua spoke to the crowds. Ezra said, “He called the scribes and pharisees a brood of vipers. They expected the people to follow all the laws contrived by them, but did not do so themselves. Yeshua condemned the religious leaders for wanting their works to be seen. He said ‘they loved widening their phylacteries and lengthening their tassels’.”

“We could not hear everything as people pressed ahead of us to be near Him. We managed to go around the outside of the crowd and come up beside Him,” Adina said. “We were in time to hear one statement which touched our hearts to the core,” Ezra added. 
“What did Yeshua say?” I asked. 
“He said, ’Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how many times I yearned to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her young under her wings, but you were unwilling‘!” 
“He is sad for Jerusalem, this city and people chosen by the Lord God for His own,” I said. “Yeshua expressed His love by way of a mother hen. Perhaps some of our pharisees will believe He is the Messiah.”
“We know of two who believe in Him, Jonathan,” Ezra answered.  
“Nicodemus is one. And the other?” I asked. 
“Joseph of Arimathea. But do not speak of this. They are already under suspicion and in danger. They cannot acknowledge their belief openly,” he said.

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